Iriplás has as area of activity the manufacture of moulds, injection and assembly of plastic parts. It was founded in 1991 starting by commercializing plastic parts. In 1992, with the development of the activity, the company launched to the manufacture of plastic parts and the manufacture of molds for the plastics industry.

It was certified by the EN ISO 9002 in 2001 and in 2003 evolved its certificate in accordance with the requirements of NP ES ISO 9001: 2000. Obtaining this certificate contributed to the projection of Iriplás in an increasingly demanding, competitive and dynamic market.

Iriplás has 7500 m2 of covered area with new installations dating 2001. With about 70 employees, this company has a young and dynamic teem focused in several areas, adapted to the culture of the company and to the policy of shared vision and decentralized sectors.

About 20% of Iriplás's production is for the foreign market, an industry where levels of demand and rigor are extremely high.